Principles behind the initial concept design

GRAFT landscape architects have brought together an initial concept design for how Holmbyre Terrace could be. This is based on initial ideas and feedback members of the community shared at events on December, as well as a site visit and analysis of what will be technically possible. 

Based on that feedback and research they identified five initial key principles to base the concept design around, which are set out below.

  1. Responding to the site constraints which include,
    • prioritising the sunniest aspect of the site for growing fruit and veg
    • locating the shop next to the existing vehicular entrance to accommodate deliveries
    • minimising any disturbance to the ground as indicative survey information reveals the presence of underground cables (this needs to be confirmed through further site investigations)
  2. Providing a much-needed hub, a place to congregate, an opening in the urban plan of Castlemilk estate which did not originally include a central meeting point. The site could also be an opening to enable a sense of community life to permeate into the estate.
  3. Creating a visual dialogue between the community hall and this new multi-functional space. From a spatial composition point of view, the play space responds to the geometry of the community hall, providing an open area where parents and community members can observe their children safely playing. The grow space has been situated in the sunniest aspect of the site to maximise the potential for growing fruit and veg in raised planters. The community shop is located adjacent to the existing vehicular entrance to provide ease of access for deliveries.
  4. Using edges as structural elements to define spaces. These edges include stepped seating features, sports equipment, a micro stage, a playful art wall and respond to initial community comments requesting benches, tables to eat, sitting areas and multi-purpose spaces for exercise.
  5. Planting the edges of the site to connect with the surrounding woods. Holmbyre Terrace is surrounded by large woodlands and new native tree and shrub planting will encourage ecological connectivity, providing a valuable stepping stone for wildlife. Willow trees could be coppiced to be used in craft workshops, fruiting plants could be used for foraging and the vegetation would provide a valuable visual and sound barrier from the busy B766.