The site across from the Community Hall on Holmbyre Terrace has been vacant for over 20 years, but it doesn’t need to be! We set up Blaeloch Community Land Ltd in 2019 to work towards community ownership of the site, so we can create a new place for...

A community Shop

Selling affordable everyday essentials, including locally grown fresh fruit and veg.

Natural Play

Creating a safe play area with natural materials and features for young people to have fun outdoors.

Growing Space

Using outdoor space for growing plants and trees, to enjoy as a community garden space or grow produce for the community shop.

We want to create a design plan of how a community shop, natural play and growing space could come together on the site.

Having a design of what we all want to see will help us to attract funding, allowing us to:

  • buy the site on behalf of the Netherholm community
  • build a shop and create spaces for play & growing
  • bring real benefits for everyone in Netherholm

Between now and February 2021, icecream architecture and GRAFT (landscape architects) will be assisting us bring the community’s ideas into a design plan.

But we need your help too. We will be running different (socially distant) events where you can get involved, share your ideas and help create a design for new community space... the first ever outdoor community space in Netherholm for people of all ages!

Read below for updates on the community design project and how to take part.