About Blaleoch Community Land Ltd

Blaeloch Community Land Ltd was set up as a community body by the local community in Netherholm and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in June 2019 (Company number SC632725). Its membership comes from the local community. It aims to acquire through Community Right To Buy legislation a piece of land that has lain vacant for over 20 years at Holmbyre Terrace.

If you are enthusiastic about bringing the land at Holmbyre Terrace into community ownership, you can become a member. To do so send us a message on our contact form and we will be in touch with a membership application.

Between now and the spring of 2021, Blaeloch Community Land Ltd are working with icecream architecture and GRAFT (landscape architects) to help create a community design for a community shop, natural play and growing space on the site. This work has been supported by the Scottish Land Fund.